Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was not my favorite of all the Jurassic Movies but it did make my top 3. Nothing beats Jurassic Park because that started it all. It was amazing to see these dinosaurs for the first time and watching nature take its course with these animals. Jurassic World made me fall back in love with the franchise. I loved Owen, his pack of raptors and was terrified at the new dinosaur Dr Wu had created, all the while yelling, “why won’t you learn your lesson!” That park was a disaster waiting to happen. The same thing for this movie. I wasn’t impressed with the new dinosaur but I did like the fact that it had action, it made me laugh and yes, it made me tear up. That scene with the dinosaur on the edge of that pier or whatever was heartbreaking. Another reminder that human kind creates, screws it up and usually kills it. I’m giving this movie an 8. I liked the Maisie twist in the end and I love the loyalty of Blue towards Owen. We don’t deserve animal love, dammit!


For the first time, I didn’t pay attention to all the previews that were shown for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The biggest reason was that I didn’t want to spoil anything. I wanted to go into the movie theater and enjoy the film. And thank God I did so because I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much as I did had it been if I watched the trailers. I mean, it’s my third favorite out of the five movies that have been released. My favorite being the first movie…like, come on… you gotta do something magical if you want to beat that special spot! The plot was still good!
Something that this film did was make me ball like a baby. Which I never thought I would do for a dinosaur movie, but there I was… a full-grown woman covering my eyes, crying like a goddamn baby when they’re leaving Littlefoot behind. Even thinking about it now is bringing tears to my eyes! Fucking movie.
Another thing that I noticed is that made me realize just how little I care about the human population? Cause I wouldn’t have hesitated to save the dinosaurs and give them a chance to live. Not that it matters… but there was a book that I used to read when I was younger that had a whole bunch of world disasters. And I remember one of the first pages had a picture of an asteroid heading towards the dinosaurs, and how bad I felt for those poor creatures. And here we are, almost twenty-years later feeling bad for the dinosaurs all over again.
Besides the damn writers making me cry like a baby bitch; they also managed to surprise me. Who would’ve known that Maisie (Mazy?) would be a clone?! And you know what… it fit. All in all, I really liked the movie. Again, it wasn’t great that it topped my favorite two out of the series, but still came in the top three.

“A Fallen Kingdom Indeed”

While the second film of the new trilogy of Jurassic Park was not up to par to that of its predecessor, it still gave some good work. The film is giving us groundwork for what’s to come in the following movie, that I believe in. It’s dangerous playing God, Dr. Wu–I’m looking at you. Experimenting with things we as a species know very little about can have dire consequences for our race. And in this second film, we are starting to see those consequences. The selling of these innocent creatures in auction paints a clear picture of our race losing our humanity. It’s one thing to make a spectacle out of these beautiful monsters, but it’s a different kind of evil for rich individuals to use them as trophies and use them for their personal entertainment. Our morals are tossed to the side when not enough people step in and put a stop to the sellers and buyers. Even the oldest gentleman in the film has lost part of his humanity when he decided to make a clone of his dead daughter.
While the title of the film could give the initial hint that it’s about the amusement park and dinosaurs inside of it dying off due to the volcano, by the end of the film that might not be accurate. The kingdom that has fallen is that of the human. The tangible kingdom that up until the dinosaurs arrived on land here in California, has fallen into the hooves and claws of these ancient creatures. And the moral kingdom we humans had–the virtues–have fallen as well.
The next film, the final–I hope–of the trilogy, I think is going to raise even more questions as to what is morally right and morally wrong. Owen and Claire will once again butt heads as to who is right. However, this time there will be a twist that is shaped in form of a child. The couple will have come to care for Maisie as their own. And to keep her alive and safe, they might have to meet in the middle. Owen might no longer have Blue, but he certainly will find a surrogate daughter in the newly discovered child clone. I imagine if the stupid filmmakers want to tug at our heartstrings, Blue and Owen will say their final goodbye. Blue might sacrifice herself to save Owen or his new adopted child. The raptor and child are in many ways similar, but it could be that the filmmakers want there to be only one left standing. And seeing that this is a family movie, my bet is on Maisie surviving.
Fallen Kingdom was a solid movie. It wasn’t amazing, but definitely brought up subjects worth discussing. For that, I give it a 6.5/10. Not my favorite in the series, but certainly did a good job.


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